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The construction of the Jerago Castle dates back to the early XIII century and the events that took place within its walls are mostly related to the Visconti of Jerago family. Like most of the medieval manors, it was built for defence reasons and constituted part of the defensive line north of the Milan Duchy.
The feud was assigned in 1248 by Ottone Visconti, archbishop of Milan, to his brother Gaspare and his nephew Pietro.

In 1402 the Castle was attacked by enemies of the Visconti.
Several members of the Visconti di Jerago family held important roles in the civil administration of the Duchy. Antonia married captain Carmagnola, whose adventures inspired the tragedy written by Alessandro Manzoni. Elisabetta married Cicco Simonetta, famous ducal secretary at the time of the Sforza family.

The Castle was also the scene of battles at the time of the struggles in the Gallarate area between Spain and France.
The Visconti of Jerago family extinguished with the death of Antonio in 1751.
At the end of the XVIII century, the fortress was transformed into a residence: the south side windows were opened and two garden terraces were built as you can admire them today.

Before reaching the Castle, on the left hand side, you can see a little Romanesque church: San Giacomo Church.
Inside, there are several traces of frescoes dating different periods. Inside two wall niches you can admire a dry painted fresco, probably dating back to the IX century.
The church is consecrated to San Giacomo (Saint James) because it was one of the stages of the pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella. The walls are indeed decorated with frescoes representing Saint James’s life.

Venue Details

The Jerago Castle is the perfect venue for any kind of private or corporate event thanks to its interiors and outside space.
Inside there are four rooms, and a fifth little room, with a total capacity of approximately 180 guests for lunch and dinner.
This beautiful manor is still a private residence. Its evocative ambience is so suggestive that you can feel both the History and a familiar and quiet atmosphere.
You will be spoiled with choices of which room is better to host your party, your happy hours or wedding lunch as well as your corporate events.
The Jerago Castle is a good place for working and communication sessions, as well as for conviviality. All our spaces are designed and adapted to facilitate your meetings and your business sessions.
You can use the garden and the court, in the shade of towering old trees, for the organization of outdoor events, especially for crowded business meetings, cocktails and weddings.
These spaces are equipped with an evocative night lighting system that makes the atmosphere even more characteristic at the sunset.
The external capacity is 300 guests and the internal capacity is 200 guests.
A large kitchen with a separate access from the courtyard will be available to the catering and will allow them to work comfortably on site.
The Jerago Castle is a location that contributes to the realization of our customer wishes!
All rooms can be set up according to customer requirements, with seating or standing buffet, with different types of chairs, banqueting and floral decorations.
An area dedicated to the cloakroom service, accreditation and / or reception is available upon request.
The Castle of Jerago guarantees to our customers excellent standards and an exclusive elite service.


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